Freeman Capital provides independent corporate finance and advisory services to high growth medium sized businesses.

The main focus of Freeman Capital is to raise funds for development capital and for management buyouts. These funds are raised in the private sector and through IPO's. The advisory services of Freeman Capital also include strategic planning, M&A and divestment activities.

These services are built around a range of experiences in investment banking, chartered accountancy and in industry. These experiences have been gained over a variety of international cultures to ensure global ambitions are considered and world's best practice benchmarks are set. These specialised capabilities are augmented by the commercial and professional experiences of the Advisory Board members.

Freeman Capital's clients operate in a range of industries including manufacturing and technology. All the clients are highlighted by strong and vibrant management, real competitive advantage and exciting vision.

Freeman Capital strictly maintains low overheads to ensure quality value service without prohibitively high fees. Freeman Capital is delighted to take an equity position in lieu of fees to ensure the long term interests of the shareholders are prioritised. Accordingly, Freeman Capital is available to ensure all the objectives of the transaction are achieved post completion.

The success of Freeman Capital was highlighted in 2003 when the management buyout of Breezway Australia won the Award for the best MBO of the Year by the Australian Venture Capital Association. Freeman Capital originated this transaction, raised the original funding and subsequently arranged the buyout of the venture capital investment.



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