this is Freeman Capital

Freeman Capital is a corporate advisor and private investor in emerging businesses.

The business is principally run by Quintin Freeman and draws upon other specialists as required.

Major investments span a wide range of industries around the world including services, manufacturing and technology.

However, the firm focuses mainly on Capital Raising, Direct Investment, Mergers & Acquisitions, Board Membership and Cross Border Initiatives.

These businesses are historically highlighted by vibrant management, spanning pioneering entrepreneurs, groundbreaking innovators, seasoned operators and passionate professionals.

Invariably, all of these businesses have exciting yet realistic visions, for which Freeman Capital provides what it does best: strategic insights and apreciable opportunities to add value and deliver growth.

operating Philosophy

The world is full of great ideas.

The world has an abundance of money.

The world has brilliant people.

The indispensable ingredient for success is creating the right culture to execute.

Recognising the true meaning of ‘human capital’, Freeman Capital provides the financial expertise to nurture management skills and thus achieve exceptional results for the business, its management and the investors.

To operate to the highest quality standards, it is important to be clear with objectives and direction in the presentation.

But, ultimately, it’s the passion of strong management that is the seed for financial success.

It’s not about deal broking and power plays, it’s about activating the energy and confidence that radiates within the business.

Freeman Capital believes there’s always a lot at stake, so it’s imperative to get this right.

business Approach

Case Studies

The ongoing success of Freeman Capital stems from a profound knowledge and experience in investment banking, chartered accountancy and in industry.

This knowledge has been gained across international cultures to ensure global ambitions are considered and world’s best practice benchmarks are set.

Additionally, Freeman Capital invests directly to ensure the long term interests of the shareholders are prioritised.

However, the common theme is getting the people and culture right — it’s amazing what can happen then.

To view a sample of Freeman Capital’s transactions which demonstrate the approach and involvement with businesses across a range of industries, rollover your cursor across the adjacent graphic.

related Companies

R&D Capital Partners (
Freeman Capital has a strong involvement in supporting research & development through its 50:50 joint venture with R&D Capital Partners.

R&DCP provides working capital facilities to early stage businesses that qualify for the Australian Government research and development tax incentives.

These facilities allow companies to accelerate their research and development spend, without having to raise additional equity, based on R&DCP prepayment of their future tax refund.

The tax refund represents 43.5% of the eligible research and development expenditure.

This specialist funding provides a secured investment structure for investing in early stage ventures across a full range of businesses whether they are in the health sciences, software development, energy or manufacturing.

TCF Services (, the joint venture partner, provides the specialist expertise to advise on the research and development eligibility.

BCC International (
Freeman Capital is a shareholder and director in BCC, background creative counsel.

BCC brings together exciting global branding talent to provide creative counsel to major corporations, forward thinking businesses and cultural leaders.

community Investments

Quintin believes sport is a great way to foster communities to build character.

He was the founding president of Dunbar Rovers Football Club in 1991, a Sydney club that now has over 50 teams covering a range of age groups and standards up to the National Premier League, the second tier of the sport in Australia.

Since 2008, under the auspices of the Indochina Starfish Foundation, Quintin has also been sponsoring Dunbar Rovers Cambodia, a club for disadvantaged children.

He is an Ambassador for the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award and a regular supporter of the LBW Trust, which funds tertiary education in developing cricket-playing countries.

about Quintin Freeman

Quintin Freeman learnt the ropes through the established channels, but flourishes in taking a business to a new space, whether that may be energising an existing operation or accelerating a new development.

Quintin has 35 years’ experience in corporate and financial advisory in the professional arena, investment banking and in industry.

He participates on boards as an investor in several enterprising companies.

Quintin has successfully completed many major transactions including venture capital raisings, management buyouts and M&A assignments.

In his formative years, Quintin qualified as a chartered accountant with Deloitte/PwC in London and subsequently moved to their Sydney office in 1986.

He also worked for Swiss Bank Corporation/UBS for six years in corporate advisory and managing their private equity funds of $260 million.

During this time, Quintin was one of the founding directors of Australian Venture Capital Association (“AVCAL”).

Previously Quintin had gained an honours degree in Business Economics and Accounting from Southampton University.

He is happily married to Donella and has two adult sons, Max & Hugo.

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